Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shhhh, Don't Say The "C" Word...

Shhhh, don't say the "C" word - Common Core, that is...!

So c'mon, own up if you're still trying to get to grips with Common Core.. Hands up!
What are your thoughts on Common Core? Do you love it or hate it? Do you think you'll see improvements in standards or is it just another layer of bureaucracy?
Love it or hate it, it's here. And there are so many great products on TPT and TN to help us all out. Now it's my turn to own up - I wasn't totally happy with my last CCSS product. After posting resources, my usual habit is to reflect (maybe a bit backward, but that's me...). So I reflected - and reflected. And decided that although it is a useful tool for checking progress at the levels below and above the children's grade level,  a resource pack that takes in Kindergarten to Grade 6 would be of little use to you as  class teacher. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it! Exactly the opposite actually! A lot of work went into it and I'm sure it'll be of use to someone - more suited as a whole-school resource I thought. So I've left it in my shops for that very reason.
Although I've been AWOL for almost a week, I haven't been sitting on my hands. I've been reflecting (the "R" words again...). The outcome of my reflections was my newest pack. See, I've seen lots of fantastic "I Can" posters flying around (which is great for the kids), but nothing to ease the burden on us hard-working teachers. I wanted to use "I Can" statements as I'm a huge fan of anything that uses child-friendly language, but I extended the idea to include handy checklists for each strand. The checklists are great for us as teachers, providing a running record of the standards each child has achieved, but also giving the child ownership of his/her own progress. Ingenious!
Now for the grand unveiling......

 A complete set of "I Can" statements and checklists for Kindergarten to Grade 5. Each pack is between 23 and 27 pages long and includes "I Can" statements for each standard, written in easy to read and understand child-speak. The packs also include handy checklists for each strand, ensuring that you hit every standard for the year group.

They can be found in my TPT and TN shops.

TPT                                                          TN

                                         Kindergarten                                           Kindergarten
                                             Grade 1                                                   Grade 1   
                                             Grade 2                                                   Grade 2
                                             Grade 3                                                   Grade 3
                                             Grade 4                                                   Grade 4
                                             Grade 5                                                   Grade 5                                

Join in my giveaway on TN between 27th and 31st August for a chance to win one of two packs on offer. Click the image above to take you there.

The Great Big Back To School Book Bash

A huge heads up to my very good friend Charity Preston who is hosting THE most amazing event over at her blog!
Charity has been working hard all summer to persuade authors everywhere to donate books for teachers. She managed to get almost 125 books to share, many of them autographed by the authors! Just take a look at the picture below for an idea of what's on offer. How fantastic would it be to get hold of some of those!
Well you can. Because all this week Charity is giving them away! Raffle widgets are only valid for the say on which they are released, so you'll have to visit Charity's blog everyday to get your entries in. It's live from today, and you just have enough time to pop on over there to get your entries in. What are you waiting for...? Click the picture to find out more.

Happy raffling!

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