Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Flash Freebies for Fans

Evening all!

I can't believe it's halfway through the Whitsun break already! Doesn't time fly... Back to school on Monday for 7 weeks - it's all downhill to the summer break!

If you've managed to catch up with the latest news on my FB page you will have noticed two little freebies. They're just for fans and only available on my FB page - they will never be available in my TPT shop.  But all is not lost - all you have to do is "like" my FB page to download both sets of thank you tags.

I'm so grateful to all my fans for your interest. As I type I'm up to 637! Wow! So I'm raising the bar and I've set myself a little challenge. The next flash freebie is ready to go as soon as I hit 700 "likes". All you have to do is spread the word amongst your friends and share on your page.

Let's do it, peeps!

Tried Amazon Prime?

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