Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday, Sunday...

Wow! Has it really been a week since I last posted..?! I've been really naughty this week - or should I say busy.. Although it's been nice spending all week in one school, I don't seem to have had time for anything. After school on Monday, I could just about muster up enough energy to watch my favourite soaps (it's a bit of a marathon on Mondays...). On Tuesday I had band practice - we have a gig next Saturday. On Wednesday I had choir rehearsal - we have a concert a wek Tuesday. On Thursday it was my Welsh class - luckily no concerts there :-). On Friday it was the weekly visit to the supermarket.

Hopefully next week won't be so hectic...

School was fabulous last week - one whole week in one place. I did two days with Year 5 (G4), two days with Year 4 (G3) and one day with Year 2 (G1). Phew! Lots of variation there. One particular moment that made me chuckle was with the G3 class. They were carrying out some research to compile a broadcast about one of Henry VIII's six wives. They were given a template to complete as a group, which included the 5 W's - who, what,where, when, why. We went through some of the aswers as a group, and I had to fight back my laughter when, in answer to the "where" question, one group wrote that Ane Boleyn was executed "on the grounds of high treason".... Now that place is new to me - don't think I've seen that one on any map... :-) Fantastic!

This week will be a bit more varied. I've got my regular French tomorrow, and I'm going to get them to recap on everything they've learned so far by getting them to create a comic strip using a storyboard. Should work ok. Question mark over Tuesday, but I have a provisional booking. On Wednesday I'm being observed by the Head of a school who has a long term position coming up after Easter. Thursday is my regular school and on Friday I'll be doing my first assignment for an agency I've just signed up with. We'll see...

I've managed to fit in a little blog hopping this week, but by no means enough. I do know that some fantastic work is going on out there, and the resources I see are absolutely outstanding - I cannot praise my fellow bloggers enough. So I was even more flattered to be asked to produce some lesson plans and resources for a lovely fellow teacher. The first bundle has been released - a first look at fractions, suitable for G1 and 2, and also for low ability G3 and 4. The lesson plans and resources aim to introduce children to whole numbers, halves and quarters, and have a cute spring theme. They are available as one huge bundle for just $4 through my TPT shop, or individually. There are also one or two freebies in there for you.

Full kit 'n' kaboodle $4






Today I am putting the finishing touches to three other resources - estimation, estimating in fractions and a health unit on talents and strengths. Do check them out when they are ready.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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