Monday, 26 November 2012

Collective Nouns

Because we like to label things...

Collective nouns are great, aren't they? It's human nature to want to label things, especially groups of things. Sometimes they are straightforward, self-explanatory - like a flock of sheep. We all know that one.

Other times they are a little more vague, and it's these ones that make for an interesting time. Take, for example, cackle of hyenas, or a cloud of bats. Great, aren't they..? One of my favourites has to be a ballet of swans - I mean, how gorgeous is that! It's an endless source of amusement trying to think up new ones. I love a lie of politicians, or a strangle of X Factor contestants...

Anyway, I got to thinking that although we might find it fun, it must be downright confusing for our kids, especially those who are new to English... So I pulled a little something together. With a cute Gingerbread theme, these cards will help children to match collectives with their noun. I have only used animals for this time, but I plan to work on others too.

It's on sale with everything else in my shops until next week - 55% off at TN and 28% off at TPT. Pop along and take a peep.

This one for Teachers Notebook

This one for TPT

Tried Amazon Prime?

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