Sunday, 3 February 2013

It's Here...

SuperbowlSale Sunday. . .

Well, it's here - Superbowl Sunday. Or should I say Super Sale Sunday. . ? Thanks so much to Nikki over at Melonheadz for this cute graphic - really puts us in the right frame of mind for a bit of fun. The big event starts today, and I can't wait! My shopping basket is full and I'm raring to get to the checkout.

Announcing. . .

I wanted to keep this little gem for today - something new for Super Sale Sunday. I've been working on some revision material for G3 and 4 and I finally finished it a few days ago. It's also available at the discounted price in the sale. I hope you like it.

This pack will form part of a comprehensive revision bundle with everything you need to assess and test English grammar, punctuation and grammar at G3 and 4. It is fully aligned to CCSS and includes 35 pages of:

  • We Heart Spelling - spot the spelling error
  • Syllable Spelling - break words into syllables and then make a list of your own using dictionary skills
  • -ie or -ei - working out the rule
  • Love Monkey, Love Punctuation - punctuation revision
  • Monkey Loves Tests - final challenge
  • Pass Certificate
As with all my resources, I have used US English. Please let me know if you require it in UK English (inc Canada and Australia), and I'll be happy to send you that version.

Tried Amazon Prime?

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