Sunday, 4 August 2013

Winners.. and Setting Children Up To Succeed

Winners First...

First of all, huge congratulations to Cherie, Najda, Roxanne and Lori who all win the complete Great Outdoors Classroom Decor set. Well done, girls, and thanks for all your sweet comments.

This Week I Have Mostly Been ...

After record breaking temperatures in July, the British weather has reverted to type this week. To say it's pouring is an understatement - I'm expecting Noah to pull up in his ark any time now!

OK, so the weather isn't so great, but it's given me the chance to finally finish a little project I've been working on all week. It's also helped (if that's the word...) that my car has broken down, ironically with a leaky radiator. What's that quote again...? "Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink"... Looks like it's the garage for me again tomorrow..

Anyway, back to my little project. We've been using national standards in the UK for quite some time, so I totally empathise with all my American friends who have had to take all of this on board (and very quickly too, judging by some of your blog posts over the last few months..). Just goes to show how adaptable we teachers are. It's very easy to lose your way in the Standards jungle, and I like to make life easy for myself. Read on to find out more...

I am all for setting my children up to succeed, so I love Success Ladders. They are a great way for teachers to assess whether children have met particular standards, whether they are working at the grade below or whether they are being stretched to work at the grade above. They are also a great tool to help with differentiation because you can see at a glance the level at which a child is working and adjust learning accordingly.

Success Ladders are also fantastic tools for children. Children generally enjoy measuring their own progress, and the ladders help them to see where they are and at what level they are working. They give children motivation to move up the rungs. They are also a great tool for self-assessment, with children deciding for themselves how well they have met a particular standard. There is space for you to comment and give constructive tips on how children can succeed.

This week I have completed Success Ladders for Reading Literature. There is a version for teachers, a child-friendly version written as "Can Do" statements in language they can really understand, and a set which combines both teacher and child-friendly ladders. They are available individually or as a bundle at a huge 20% discount.

Click on the pictures to see the full listing. The ones on the left are for TN, and the ones on the right for TPT



You can see the full bundle here at TN or her at TPT.

Here's a quick preview for you to download...

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  1. Yeyyy! I won! Thank you so sooo much! What a wonderful surprise to have won such a wonderful and creative product! I'm ever so thankful!


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